Balanced Leadership


Discover a new way of leadership.
A balanced leadership that is playful, creative and YOU

Imagine that you go to work everyday and shine you light so brightly that people naturally follow you. Eager to work with you.

You want to achieve the highest standards of creative solutions and productivity for your company.
You want to be an authentic leader.
You want to do it all at ease, in balance.
You want to leave work uplifted and energized for your life at home.

To bring you exactly the support, you need, I have made different programs for different needs.

Balanced Leadership Light

This for you if you feel at ease with your leadership role. If you have energy left for you yourself and the rest of your life when you leave work. Occasionally situations arise where you are at a loss and it all feels heavy. That is when you call me and together we discover  the creativity and solutions at play.

Balanced Leadership Light consists of 10 sessions that you book when you need them.

Price: 9000 DKK

Balanced Leadership

This is for you if you are new in your leadership role. If you need to find solid grounding in your new role. If you want to discover how to lead with ease and clarity.

This is for you if you love your job. If you are high performing. BUT you have no time and energy left for YOU and the rest of your life after work.

This is for you if you would love to discover a playful and creative approach to work and life. To strike an amazing work/life balance naturally.

With this program, you get access to me for three months of conversations and mentoring as needed.

Price: 15.000 DKK

Balanced Leadership - The Personal Edition

This is for you if you are ready for a deep dive into how amazing you truly are. To discover your inner light in a way, so you cannot help but shine it brightly in all of your life.

You will discover a grander force in you that bring out your full potential.

You will discover life as light, playful and filled with love and opportunities.

Immerse yourself in this three month program:

  • Three half-day one-on-one immersions
  • Three one hour sessions
  • Access to support and feedback via e-mail

Price: 15.000 DKK