Shine your light

 into the world

Dorthe Myndal Fogtmann

Conversations - Group programs - Retreats

Discover your true magnificence.
Share it with the World.

Experience life with peace, clarity and creative solutions to life's curve balls

You are ready to thrive.
To discover your true essence and share it.
To renew your courage to play along with life.

What if life and work felt light and playful? If creative solutions and ideas flowed effortlessly to you?

YOU can feel supported by the life force.
YOU can survive and thrive through anything you experience.
YOU can be heard, seen, and acknowledged.

I am here for you


I help you discover all that you are capable of, so you can shine your light and live with ease

I listen to you - your essence behind your thoughts and stories - so you can rediscover all that you are capable of and regain your clarity.

Clients often say they feel calm and uplifted after we speak. You will see that the calm and creativity are not in me, they are in you.

My clients experience that they spend less time at work and accomplish more with a feeling of ease and playfullness.
Even when life seems troublesome, they experience a sense of calm underneath it all.

I am Dorthe

Siddende på sten

I am here for you

Balanced Leadership

You want to achieve the highest standards of creative solutions and productivity for your company.
You want to be an authentic leader.
You want to do it all at ease, in balance.
You want to leave work uplifted and energized for your life at home.

You are in the right place!
I would love to support you in achieving that.

Clarity Call

Discover how your thought system works and stop holding yourself back from enjoying everything life has to offer.

Discover how amazing and powerful you are and reconnect with your inner wisdom that is always there to guide you safely and creatively through life.

Discover an uplifting life with peace and clarity.

Book a free 30 minute call to discover how I can be there for you.

Rebalance Half-day Immersion

Reconnect and rebalance to the sound of your inner knowing.

You will feel energized and uplifted like you have woken up and fallen in love with live again. With clarity on who you are and how to see your path forward.

Three hours of self-care and self-love starting with a lovely breakfast in a calm setting with nature views while you settle in with your soul.

Deep conversations in nature. A space to (re)discover serenity and clarity.

Book a clarity call to see if this is for you.

Client love

I am here for you


I am here to hold a space for you to discover the calm and creativity for yourself. To connect with all that you are and all that you know in a way that will help you:


  • Listen - to life and your inner guidance
  • Discover - who you are and how your experience of life is created
  • Clarity - experience clarity on the best solutions and the right path for you
  • Shine Your Light - lead your life (and your employees) with authenticity and ease

Everything I offer is grounded in The Three Principles (3P) as discovered by Sydney Banks.

Group Programs In-person

In Copenhagen, Denmark, August 16-18, 2024

Perfecting Deep Listening

Jack Pransky and Lori Carpenos

Join Jack and Lori in Copenhagen on August 16-18 for a 2,5 days urban retreat or on the idyllic island of Hönö August 20-22 for an island retreat.


Solopreneur Mastery

Radiate Your Essence Online

Radiate Your Essence Online

A How-to-Guide for becoming visible when you are your brand

Six inspiring, hands-on, online workshops that allows you to gain valuable knowledge while you work on your own project

Gain clarity on:

  • Who you are as a coach and facilitator
  • What your unique contribution is
  • How to stand out from other coaches and facilitators
  • How to become visible online in a way that resonates with your essence

You will leave the program with a solid foundation for your webpage and social media. A foundation that shows who you are, so your dream clients can find you.

The program is in English and co-facilitated with Jacqueline Hollows.


I am here for you

I would love to support you in discovering a life with ease and creativity and truly seeing all that you are capable of.