This is me

I love to watch people find confidence
as they discover who they are

Since 2016, I have been supporting individuals in discovering their innate mental health and amazing potential. As well as working in organizations to raise mental well-being and creative collaboration.

I find great joy in working with business leaders and entrepreneurs and watch them step into their authentic leadership roles. To watch them become playful and creative again and leave work filled with energy and time for living full lives. To discover a life and a leadership in balance.

The effect of deeply listening and sharing how our minds work never ceases to amaze me.

Back in 2013, I was introduced to an understanding of how our experience of life is created called The Three Principles. An understanding that freed me from the chronic depression that had haunted me through my early adulthood. Each year, I feel more serene. I trust life more. Today my life feels incredibly light and filled with love.

I am grateful to be the mother of five amazing kids. Watching them grow up and discover everything about themselves and life is a true gift.

Nature reminds me that I belong. That I have the life force to tackle any curveball that comes my way. And the beauty of nature, well, it amazes me every time I am immersed in it.

I have had some amazing teachers during my training as a coach and facilitator in The Three Principles (3P). I have completed Ami Chen Mills-Naim's six month program as well as a six month mentorship with Jack Pransky and on-going mentoring with Linda Pettit. On top of that I have an education as a facilitator of a 3P Youth Program and have attended trainings with Dicken Bettinger, Jack Pransky, Linda Pettit, Elsie Spittle, Bill and Linda Pettit, George and Linda Pransky, Jen and Dave Elleray, Ruddiger Kennard and Gabriela Maldonado-Montano.

I am here for you

I am a 3PGC and 3PDK registrered practitioner. This means my credentials and grounding has been evaluated and approved.

About 3P

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I am here for you

Experience life with calm and clarity

Connect with all that you are, so you can experience life with ease and shine your light in the world.