Discover Your Voice

Your words - your stories - your authenticity

Share what you know in a way that resonates with your audience
- whether you are talking to friends, strangers
or as part of your business.

You have discovered something so amazing that you just HAVE to share it with others. But sometimes when you do, it does not seem to come across like you meant for it to. It might feel awkward or it does not resonate with the person(s) in front of you.

During this program, you will:

  • Discover how easy, natural and light-hearted sharing can feel
  • Discover your own authentic way of sharing
  • Speak from your own voice in your own words
  • Discover all the stories YOU have to share
  • Discover that teaching is listening
  • Practice sharing and listening

This program will include my teaching, group sharing and exercises. In between classes, you will have the opportunity to practice at home and in pairs. I will be available to answer questions and offer feedback and support.

There is a maximum of eight participants in this small group program to ensure the best space for everyone to share and practice. Plan to spend an hour in between classes for exercises.

We meet on Zoom six Tuesdays at 9-10:30/11 am beginning April 25, 2023 and ending May 30, 2023.
Only available in Danish this Spring.

Price: 1795 DKK

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